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Type J Electrical Receptacle

Countries Using Type J Electric Plug

Information on the Type J Swiss 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet

The Type J Electrical Plug is also known as the Swiss 3-Pin. It is similar to the Type C "Europlug," except it has an earth pin off to one side.

Type C
El Salvador, Ethiopia, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Maldives, Rwanda, Switzerland

Information on The Type J Electrical Outlet

The Type J plug was developed by Switzerland as its standard, and is technically known as the SEV 1011 (Swiss 10 A/250 V). Swiss sockets can accept Type J or Type C plugs. Switzerland also has a two-pin plug, wtih the same pin shape, size, and spacing as the standard, but with a flattened, hexagonal form. This two-pin plug fits into both Swiss sockets and CEE 7/16 sockets. There is also a less common variant on the standard Type J that has three square pins rated for 16 A. Above 16 A, equipment is required to be permanantly wired to the electrical supply system with branch circuit protection, or it must be connected to the mains with an appropriate high-power industrial connector.

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