Phone System Face-Off: PSTN vs VoIP

Frazier vs. Ali! Dempsy vs. Firpo! PSTN vs. VoIP! It’s the epic showdown telecom enthusiasts everywhere have spent their whole lives waiting for. It’s the fight to decide who takes home to title of Ultimate Phone System.

In the red corner, it’s the age-old champion, returned from retirement. For decades, it's gone unchallenged as the foremost phone system in the business world. Robust and reliable, but still relevant to market demand? Put your hands together for PSTN!

In the blue, it's the mysterious new competitor. Having spent years on hosted servers, honing its skills for this very fight, this new system clocks in at zero pounds, zero ounces, zero mass whatsoever! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, this is a virtual competitor, so  let's get a round of applause for the ambitious newcomer, VoIP!

Folks, with the odds this tight and the stakes this high, anything could happen. In this infographic, our judges have done their best to break down the pros and cons of bot PSTN and VoIP.  Which phone system will emerge victorious. Scroll down to find out the score!

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